Off Grid Cabin

Remote location: bringing it by boat & helicopter

With no roads leading to this off grid cabin all supplies and workers came by boat.

Luxury off the Grid

Solar Panels

Even during overcast days, solar panels collect energy.

The Batteries within the building store this energy until the house requires it. The whole house can turn on and off depending on what the residents prefer.

The solar power inverter changes the direct current (DC) provided by the solar panels into Alternate Current (AC) that the house properly digests.

Keep the view outside

Our building envelope effectively and efficiently insulates the interior from the elements. Since the cabin is off grid, it’s even more important to reduce as much energy consumption as possible.

Sproat Lake British Columbia

“Fresh water adventure seekers will not want to miss a visit to Sproat Lake Park in the Alberni Valley on central Vancouver Island. Located 15 minutes west of Port Alberni, Sproat Lake is a favoured location for swimming, fishing, waterskiing and, when the wind is up, windsurfing.

A variety of short access trails lead visitors around this park, including a trail to the eastern end of Sproat Lake, which is home to one of the finest panels of prehistoric petroglyphs in British Columbia. Little is known about this petroglyph, named K’ak’awin, but it isn’t hard to imagine this rock carving as depicting some mystical ancient monsters of the lake.”